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Best Day of Someone Else's Life. Despite being cursed with a boy's name, Kevin Vi Connelly is seriously female and a Despite being cursed with a boy's name, Kevin Vi Connelly is seriously female and a committed romantic. The affliction hit at the tender age of six when she was handed a basket of flower petals and ensnared by the marry-tale. Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of.

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From top Jesus expert Marcus Borg, a completely updated and revised version of his vision From top Jesus expert Marcus Borg, a completely updated and revised version of his vision of Jesus—as charismatic healer, sage, and prophet, a man living in the power of the spirit and dedicated to radical social change.

Fully revised and Jesus: Healer of Body, Soul—and MindOver one hundred years of modern psychology and we still haven't improved on the principles and lessons taught by the greatest doctor of the human soul—Jesus. In this accessible and eye-opening book, international bestselling author Top Jesus scholars Marcus J. With "The Gospel In Brief", he sought to democratize access to the Gospel, making the life of Jesus accessible to everyone. He particularly had in mind the Russian peasantry. Tolstoy based his translation on his study of the original Greek versions of the Bible.

Unfortunately the Russian Orthodox Church viewed the book as sacrilegious. How dare he re-write the sacred texts?

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Frank Morison. How Jesus Became God. Bart D. Henry Lincoln. John Dominic Crossan. The Gospel in Brief. Leo Tolstoy. Jesus in the Talmud.

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Generations of readers have been inspired by this heartfelt reexamination of Christian orthodoxy and subsequent spiritual awakening. Ranked among the best books on the subject, this timeless work is for anyone who has ever worried about the fleeting nature of life and speculated about the value of existence. The Jefferson Bible. Thomas Jefferson.

In Thomas Jefferson decided to study the gospels to see if he could distill the essence of Jesus' teachings into a concise book that could be quickly read and easily understood. This volume is the result, offering valuable insights into the teachings of Jesus Christ and into the mind and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson. Ward Blanton. An Insurrectionist Manifesto contains four insurrectionary gospels based on Martin Heidegger's philosophical model of the fourfold: earth and sky, gods and mortals.

Challenging religious dogma and dominant philosophical theories, they offer a cooperative, world-affirming political theology that promotes new life through not resurrection but insurrection.

The insurrection in these gospels unfolds as a series of miraculous yet worldly practices of vital affirmation. Since these routines do not rely on fantasies of escape, they engender intimate transformations of the self along the very coordinates from which they emerge. They think beyond the sovereign force of the one to initiate a radical politics "after" God. The Slavery Of Our Times.